The Working R Programmer

Tips and tricks for serious software development in R


Hi, I’m Thomas Mailund, and on this blog, I write about R programming. I have a more general-purpose blog on, but since I got fed up with jumping through hoops to get R code and output displayed the way I want it, I have moved all R topics here, where I can use knitr and Markdown + Pandoc to create posts.

The topic for the blog is R programming, that is, the topics of my posts will be on how to use the R programming language to develop new software. I might, from time to time, stumble into topics closer to statistics and how to use R as a statistical domain-specific language, but the main goal is to write about R as a general-purpose language and how you can write interesting programs using it.

I have experimented with software development in R for many years, and written about it in several books, and have more planned. Often, though, I find myself thinking of a great topic for another chapter after the book is already in print, and now I have this blog to write about such topics. In addition, of course, it is a place to describe ideas before I put them in books, and maybe get some feedback from that.

I haven’t figured out how to add comments to the blog yet. I’m an experience R programmer, but web-technology is magic too dark for me. I’m told Disqus is one way to do it, but that will be a problem for another day. If you want to reach me, you can use Twitter @ThomasMailund or send me an email at